Our World

Oskaras Povilenas is the modern bohemian fashion brand for men and women. Our online retailserves customers worldwide. We strive to bring you high class products and we are taking personal orders from design to concept.

Future – innovative and glamorous
Present – sustainable and beautiful
Past -experienced and colourful

To build a profitable business by empowering artisans and elevating them to world renown status. Bring inspiration and innovation to every Modern Bohemian Human. To be synonymous with elegance and creativity, to mix tradition and innovation.

When I am creating, I name the piece after a woman, a woman of my
But I do not have a certain embodiment of a person in mind.
No body shape, hair colour, eye colour. No.
What I do is creating solely a character. And I sophisticate the woman in a
detailed manner.
So comes, that cut, fabric and colour form the analogue of the first things you have in mind,
when you think of a person.
While details as the collar, the sleeves, the buttons, the pockets constitute
the not immediately obvious, but equally important attributes.
In fact the details form the sophistication
The ones that clarify, once you get to know the person more.
Both together then fuse and form a complex woman. At least in my mind.
I aim to create the basis on which a woman can express herself by blending her
character into my clothes.
She might be similar to the woman in my mind, she might be completely
But beauty is diversity. Oskaras